The Four Pillars

 Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is called Gideon’s Army and it is facilitated by Pastor Sam Fenceroy along with Deacon Dave Brannon and our Men’s Leadership Council. It is an anointed fellowship of men whose mission is to provide men with resources and events to grow and develop Christian men. Our men seek to help each other and reach out to all men regardless of age or nationality and consistently displays the vision in their uniting in fellowship with other vision churches.

Gideon's Army is dedicated to helping godly men develop to their full God given ability. Our goal is to raise up spiritual leaders. A spiritual leader does not mean dominating your family; it means serving your family, and being a godly example to your wife and children and the world.

Women's Ministry

Women Of The Word (WOW) is MOCOP’s Women’s Ministry at the leadership of Pastor Gloria Fenceroy. WOW ministers and nurtures every woman to meet her distinct needs and share a desire to be the best Christian she can be. Women of WOW come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, yet have similar needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; to be Christ-centered. WOW women develop friendships, creativity, leadership training and encouragement during critical and formative seasons. During meetings WOW enjoy fellowship, share prayer requests and an occasional speaker on various topics.

The Women’s ministry also has two signature events which has drawn speakers and seekers from all over the United States: a Testimonial Tea and the Princess with a Purpose Women’s Conference.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is under the leadership of Min. John Lewis and his wife Elder Cheryl Lewis.

Children's Ministry

Under the leadership of Pastor Yvonne Shuler, the MOCOP Children’s Ministry provides spiritual enrichment for our children. The Ministry is divided by age groups: Preschool and Scholars (ages up to 11 years). The ministry has its own service time on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sundays. On 4th Sundays, the children join the general assembly and share their spiritual lessons and gifts.

The Children’s Ministry has many facets of learning and serving: prayer, choir, evangelism, praise and worship and ushering.

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 Prophetic Ministry

Apostle/Prophet Eric Von Copeland has been in ministry for over thirty years. When he received Jesus as his Savior at the age of seventeen, his life was forever changed. After graduating from State Teacher's College Campus School, he continued his education at the State University of New York - Buffalo, Bishop Mason Seminary, Trinity Bible College . He served as Assistant Pastor of Mount Calvary Holy Church of America Inc., and Pastor of New Christian Praise Center both in Buffalo, New York. Pastor Copeland also served as Chaplain within the Attica State Prison Ministry and Buffalo Bills Professional Football Team. Then, God had a new thing in mind...

The Spirit led Pastor Copeland to the mighty state of Texas where he served as Chaplain with the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. Later, he went on to establish Oasis Ministries in San Antonio, Texas and served on the Board of Elders of the Interdenominational Church of God of America based in Long Beach, CA under the leadership of Bishop Leon D. Ralph. In this capacity, Pastor Copeland oversaw several Churchs, Breath of Life Fellowship Church in Austin, TX under Apostle Robert Alexander Jr.. and The Safehouse Church in Hallettsville, TX under Pastor Lamarr Davenport.Also Prophet Alberto Deleon from Buffalo,NY Travels with Apostle/Prophet Copeland with the Apostolic Team.

With the blessing of Bishop Ralph and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Copeland also established and oversaw the School of Ministry through which he taught monthly workshops on the gift of prophecy across the United States, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles and Texas. His ministerial work has taken him to Hawaii, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Ghana, Brazil and Egypt.

After the death of his spiritual father and covering, Bishop Ralph, Oasis Ministries underwent some restructuring. Pastor Copeland felt the Holy Spirit lead him to a church he had grown to love, Mt. Olive Church of Plano, Texas with Pastor Sam Fenceroy. He and "Pastor Sam" travelled to Brazil to minister together in the missions field where they bonded as kindred spirits. For the past three years, Pastor Sam has served as Copeland's mentor and friend. Consequently, Prophet Copeland was particualry excited when he realized God appointed Pastor Sam to be his new covering.

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 MOCOP Prison Ministry

Mt. Olive Church of Plano is part of a coalition of Churches which share Prison Ministry that teaches new convert classes on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, has once a year Revival and provides housing and job assistance, pen pals and even purchases, fills and hands out gift bags during Christmas.

These are but a few of the ways that The Prison Ministry reaches out sharing the Gospel and witnessing, taking the Message of Hope behind Prison walls.

If you have comments or questions and would like to have someone from our Prison Ministry to contact you please contact us.

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 Dance Ministry


The Mt. Olive Church of Plano Dance Ministry was founded in August, 2001 under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The Ministry has met many goals such as praising through dance during Sunday Worship Services, Pastor and Church Anniversaries, Vision Summit Conferences, Women's Retreats and other significant occasions.

The Dance Ministry has accompanied Pastors Sam and Gloria Fenceroy to several events and has ministered at numerous community and vision churches throughout Texas.

This ministry has plans to provide outreach programs via dance classes and in-depth workshops.

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  Marriage Ministry

Mount Olive Church of Plano
Forever Yours in Christ
Marriage Enrichment Class


The Mount Olive Church of Plano Marriage Class is dedicated to the principle that Marriage is God's oldest and most sacred institution and that the covenant of marriage is a covenant with God, and thereby irrevocable. There is always strife involved as two become one in Christ Jesus, but fire strengthens iron and a commitment to God and each other strengthens a marriage against the wiles of the devil.

In our class, we seek to learn by listening to the greatest Christian teachers available via tape and video. We then discuss elements of their teaching and how to apply the lessons we learn in our everyday life. We never air the family's dirty laundry but we discuss real life issues and challenges and we learn from one another. We encourage one another and give practical ways to apply God's word to our circumstances in order to improve our marriages.

Our facilitators - Cindy and Jesse Townsend and Debbie and Rico Allen represent over 60 years of marriage between them and call upon their journeys in life to give godly guidance and biblical direction. In the end, the class teaches itself as it is all about learning from each other. We have newlyweds and marriages with decades of experience and there is wisdom in each heart God has brought to the class.

We thank Pastor Sam and Pastor Gloria for allowing us to meet and focus our Sunday school time on the development and nurturing of our marriages here at Mount Olive. We pray that if you are a married couple, you will join us and contribute to the process of helping all of us in our journey to improve our marriages day by day, week by week.

 Young Adult Ministry


 Singles Ministry


Connections is the Singles Life Group at Mt. Olive Church of Plano. Our goal is to foster an environment where people come together to share experiences, encourage one another, learn truth, have fun and connect with like-minded single individuals. Throughout 2016 we will discuss various topics, including goal setting, finances and physical fitness. We are also planning other activities. Connections will meet the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month at Mt. Olive Church of Plano unless otherwise specified on the website. Bookmark our webpage to stay informed.