Construction of a temple at Mkundi Dumila, Tanzania

Presentation: Mkundi Dumila is a village deep in Tanzania, Morogoro state, where a native Church was established. Its local leaders are pastor Charles Lusinde and his wife Rose Lusinde. This village was visited by the Ciao Foundation team through its partners in One Step Global.

The project in this village is the construction of a multi-purpose building made of bricks. The members of the Church have already produced and burned 8000 bricks.

Explanation: In most of these villages the predominant religion is Animist or Muslim. Christians are outnumbered and poorer. The local church is usually made of straw or sticks with a plastic cover as a roof. To have a project to construct a Temple will open new paths of growth, outreach and improvement in the community.

Impact: The construction of a church made of brick, wood or shed-like materials and styles encourages Christians and attracts new members. Along with the Church, the plan is to build a small warehouse to provide income for the pastor’s family. The church hall will also be used as a school for the village and as a center for local leadership meetings.

Procedures: ln this village the plan was to produce the bricks costing close to nothing because the labor was done by the members of the church. With the donations we would pay for the specialized labor, we would also buy more construction material and furniture for the facility.



Beginning: December 2014. Deadline: 01 year.

Cost: $ 7,000.00 dollars.

Current stage: plastering and painting.

Next stages: purchase of tables and chairs, windows, door and a diesel generator.

Visit of representatives of Ciao Foundation: June 2015.