Sam Fenceroy was being prepared for the vision of Uniting the Body of Christ Among Nations his whole life. Born May 11, 1949, in Wilmot, Arkansas, he experienced a life of diversity early on. He grew up in a mixed neighborhood of poor blacks and whites, and was affectionately known as "one of those Fenceroy boys" to the community.

He graduated high school as a star athlete in basketball and proceeded to college. After spending a year and a half in college, he left and entered the military. While in the military he experienced a life changing moment.

It was there he was confronted with racism that would change his life. A man "who did not look like him" called him the (N-word).

This did not settle well with him and he proceeded to (in his words) "beat the man up". He was placed in the stockade where he was confronted by God with a new revelation. God challenged him on whether or not he would have resorted to violence if ten men would have called him a racial slur. "No, because I can't whip ten!", he answered.

At that moment, he realized that racism was more about pride than it was about color. This revelation would serve him the rest of his life and serve as the foundation for the vision of Mt. Olive Church of Plano. His discovery would also allow him to develop a relationship with a businessman (who did not look like him) that was so impressed with him that he assisted Sam in opening his first rental store in 1973.

By 1987, Sam owned a chain of 23 stores nationwide and a furniture manufacturing company in Ennis, Texas. ASTRIC Inc., franchised as Color Tyme Rental, was a successful and thriving business and Sam was reaping the rewards. He was a so called self-made millionaire, a distinct contrast from his poor upbringing in Wilmot, Arkansas.

On New Year's Eve of 1983, Sam's sister died tragically. Her death deeply affected him and he realized something was wrong in his life, he knew he had to make some changes. Later that year, then known as Mr. Fenceroy, he committed his life to Jesus Christ.

Ten months after receiving Christ, the business suffered extreme losses and sales dropped at a startling rate. Mr. Fenceroy attempted to consolidate stores to cut down overhead and even attempted to sell some stores, but his losses continued. From 1984 to 1988, he lost $3,000,000 and was finally left with only $36,000.

Mr. Fenceroy shut down the final store in 1990 and went to bible college. With no money and a stripped down life style, he proceeded to prepare himself for his divine destiny in Christ. He graduated from bible school in December of 1992. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dallas Baptist University and a Masters of Theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology. Mount Olive Church of Plano was organized on January 3, 1993 and Samuel Louis Fenceroy was called to be Pastor on April 24, 1994. Pastor Sam and Mount Olive Church of Plano began to move forward in his God given vision, Uniting the Body of Christ Among Nations.