Yvonne Shuler, a mother of two children, was ordained into ministry in 2006.

“I recall being about 4 years old, at church, lying in my mother’s lap half-listening to the preacher and half sleeping one Sunday when my sister, who was 5 at the time, went down to the altar and accepted Christ into her heart. I didn’t know why or what she was doing, but I knew I wasn’t going to be left behind. So, I asked my mother if I could go and she nodded yes. It was at that point in my life that I made my first commitment to God.”

As a young adult Yvonne attended a small doctrinal church in Plano where she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and served in several capacities, including Youth Director. It was at this church that her knowledge of God and more importantly, her relationship with God grew. “I found out who I was an heir to the Kingdom of God, a princess, chosen by the one and only true living God to be called His child! Even through my worst times, though my days seemed their darkest, I knew God was with me, my friend, my guide, my redeemer, my life, my very breath.”

After 10 years of service, God called Yvonne to support the MOCOP ministry. Yvonne heard Pastor Sam on the radio, and everyday, she would try to get to her car earlier so that she could enjoy the “whole” sermon. Finally, she purposed to hear the church information so she could order the tape and listen to the sermon in its entirety. Unbeknownst to Yvonne the “Truth Made Simple” was only 5 minutes in length. But instead of ordering the tape, God led her to visit MOCOP and shortly thereafter, Yvonne became a member.

As the current MOCOP Children’s Ministry Pastor, Yvonne is devoted to recognizing the anointing of the Holy Spirit in children and thereby advocates the training and shaping of future pastors, evangelists, teachers, preachers, and prophets in accordance with the MOCOP vision.

Yvonne’s goal for God’s children at MOCOP is that they know God as their best friend, depend upon him in every aspect of their lives, and learn to minister to the needs of others.

“At the church where I was raised, children were allowed to participate in reading the word, reciting the announcements, singing in the choir, and even praying during altar call. But, we were not encouraged to praise God. Worship and establishing a relationship with God was not reinforced. As a matter of fact, if a child was seen standing or clapping in praise to God, the child would probably get a great big ‘ol fat pinching! That is why the MOCOP Children’s Ministry focuses on the children’s relationship experience with God, leaving no child behind.”